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Psych Blog Spot was created to spark the interest of the everyday reader, intellectual, artist, or simply anyone just browsing. We advertise and sell products that appeal to everyone. More importantly, we offer services such as Content Writing & Editing, Life Coaching/Mentoring, and Grief Counseling.

The primary purpose of the Psychology & Neuroscience Forum’s is to educate, encourage, inspire others. We aim to help others with their mental health and provide access to affordable advice.

Giving Back
Our Focus

Subcategories of the blog include self-help, hot
topics in Psychology/ Neuroscience, and introspective poetry. We hope that readers gain a sense of purpose by directly engaging with our blog, and creating their own profile. As a visitor, you have the opportunity to book services, become a featured writer, contribute your own opinions, post photos, and media using our
website if you wish to create your own social media account.

Formulating this kind of community creates a safe place for everyone to express their thoughts,
feelings, and ideas without the threat of judgment or the stigma of mental health.

Meet Carla!

Our Founder

Welcome to Carla’s Psychology blog! I graduated from Rutgers University in 2013 with a Major in Psychology and minor in Cognitive Science. I subspecialized in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience spending most of my time doing research in laboratories on the emotional systems that guide behavior and subsequent illness. Prior to lab research, I worked in a foundation that helped HIV/AIDS patients with their mental struggles as well as medical treatment. Thereafter, I gained experience with patients struggling with Schizophrenia and other comorbid conditions, such as addiction. 

My undergraduate experience has inspired me to want to help others by sharing my knowledge in the field. Therefore, the intention of this website is to aid individuals with their mental health by providing access to support groups, positive affirmation decor and custom artwork, introspective poetry, and life coaching. We serve to help those suffering find their way back to a peaceful, autonomous, and productive life. We provide individual and group sessions for those who are in need of immediate assistance until professional help can be obtained. 

Furthermore, as a trained academic, I offer my unique experience in the field with content writing/editing for research papers, essays, and poetry, self-help, and insight into hot topics in Psychology and Neuroscience. Using my knowledge, I would like to make a change in the world around me, and especially within the online community.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or chat!

Welcome Jas!

Content Writer

Jasmine Aguayo is a professional, friendly, and experienced freelance writer. She excels at blog posts and articles but is capable of arranging the English language in any of its forms.

For well over a decade, Jasmine has worked with people all over the world to produce their vision.

Attending the University of Loyola, she studied psychology at great length. Despite her history with high academics, she pursued her passion--words and art.

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