Write from your heart, and we will polish your art. Our team provides a thorough review and quality-check of the work provided.

Quality Revision

Provides online and in-person revision of any type of writing (Creative pieces, expository writing, analytical, scientific). Almost all pieces of writing are accepted, but still must be approved by the editor.

  • Helping to locate and provide trustworthy sources (if construction a research paper)

  • Thesis/ hypothesis construction

  • Making sure to create a sound/valid argument

  • Making sure all claims are supported by facts or research

  • When necessary, making sure that assertions are supported by evidence, if requested. Otherwise, opinions can also be made without additional sources.

The client’s quality of work will be evaluated for the following:

  • Mismatches in content and reasoning structure

  • Grammar

  • Sticky sentence construction

  • Cliches

  • Overused words

  • Subject/Word repeats

  • Making sure the correct subject and tense is being used

  • Subject-verb agreement

  • Plagiarism checks


Cancellation or Refund

With revision and editing services, there can only be a full refund within the first 48 hours of submission
to the editor. Any time before or after the cost incurred depends on the number of pages already edited, grade, level, and paper length.