Are You Going Nuts In Quarantine? Here are 4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day!

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This battle with the Coronavirus appears to be never ending. For those who had a busy

lifestyle, this can be a rough adjustment. Without the organized chaos, nothing feels the same. Regardless of how trapped you feel, it is important to understand that you always have a choice to make your day better. If you can't work, run errands, or spend quality time with friends, then how can you reinvigorate your spirit?

Personal Hygiene & Self-Care

The most important way to rejuvenate your day is pretend as if you were planning on leaving the house. That requires getting dressed, showering, and putting effort into self-presentation. Despite the nagging desire to put sweatpants back on and retreat to the couch, doing so does not prevent the blues. Sitting home all day in fear increases the body's stress response and vulnerability to acquiring the virus. By taking time to make yourself feel special every morning, your no longer just existing. You are now an autonomous agent that remains in control of your own day.

You are not forced, but only recommended to remain indoors. This pandemic is not a life sentence or conviction designed to torture you. You can go outside as long as you are wearing a mask and respect the social distancing rule. It is important to realize that your individual freedoms and mental health are priorities regardless of all adjustments you have had to make.