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The Beast

I gazed into the eyes of the beast,

And he compelled me to approach.

Although I am certain I shouldn’t have,

My curiosity led me down a dark road.

This malignant creature inhabited my mind

By using omnipotence to control my intentions.

He stayed behind to drag me from the light,

While remaining in front to prevent my return.

The diabolical bovine sunk his teeth into my flesh

Just when I mustered the courage to break free.

As my blood became transfected with his genetics,

I exhibited selfish deviance and wild eyes.

Survival required careless destruction of my path.

Like the beast, addiction knew my weaknesses,

Better than I did in brief moments of clarity.

By learning to fail, I gained the strength to win.

I had to sacrifice what I loved the most

So the pain of loss circumvented

The reward that each dose provided.

The fear of living with my choices

Is what motivated me to counteract

The force that set my life in reverse.

It was worth losing the “prize.”

My addiction spoke for me when I couldn’t

And taught me to lie, but not this time.

Honesty set me free from the game

Of truth or dare I was playing.

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