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The Distorted Reflection

Just one touch shattered my courage,

With the sharp sting behind his glare

Was enough to resist opposition,

Along with every violation, he chiseled away

Fragments of my soul, I became the

Submissive object obeying commands

Each time I remained barren on his bed,

As he took what wasn’t his.

Just one word broke my confidence

Each time he savored another girl

Was the first time I stopped believing

In what I could be capable of

Because he worshiped what wasn’t his,

Never valuing what was.

Cunning and brutal were his words,

As they penetrated my defenses.

Even worse, his theoretical banter

Muddled my belief system

Using the confines of his,

I forgot who I once was.

Through the scope of his control

Foolishly I cowered, never snapping back.

I always returned and betrayed myself

When the old me would never reconsider.

As I approached the vanity for one last time

My reflection returned in waves,

Rippled by disparities between the girl

I once could recognize opposed to the defective

Image relayed back to me.

I sought liberation from the authority

Of his command, by displaying courage

I defied control with unrelenting strength.

When I learned of the power of my words

He feared the affliction I could cause.

Consequently, I became unfettered and


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