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The Majestic Butterfly

From the top of the edifice she gleans magnificence, unveiling ornate wings. Her span is finite but her might boundless.

With little momentum beneath her, she catapults into the broad horizon where speckles of blue and magenta converge onto the surface of the lazy riverbed, displaying an impressionistic reflection of a vivacious butterfly.

Her bravery aggrandizes while the sun sinks with complacence, fearlessly advancing through the peaks and troughs of each dwelling. Should you catch a glimpse, respect her allure, for she cannot be defined by the parameters of ordinary prose.

Without hesitation, she valiantly emerged from the dilapidated nest.

Motivated by a woeful existence, she abandoned her unadorned shell, learning to fly by falling first.

Seldom graced by her presence, we occasionally witness her. She surfaces only to fortify a desolate, burdened soul.

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