The Unbiased Truth Behind Covid-19 Protests by Nikita Saville

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Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, people were advised to wear masks and take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this disease. Many people refused to heed this advice, and governments had no other choice but to enforce laws that made it mandatory. In retaliation, protests broke out all over the USA, where people protested against the Covid-19 lockdowns and the rules enforced. ‘My body, my choice’ was the common slogan found on protestors signs, and a face mask soon became a symbol of protest. More than half of the world’s population had lost their jobs or had to work from home, but yet Americans felt like it was a personal attack on them.

What Caused This Sentiment?

The death toll worldwide has exceeded a staggering 543,595 with 11.8 million confirmed cases. So, why are people protesting wearing a simple piece of cloth on their faces? If they are choosing to remain free agents above the law, no one else is responsible if they contract the virus. For those individuals looking to remain safe, it’s a selfish decision to put everyone else at risk.

Perhaps the reason they refuse to comply is because they believe it is a personal attack on their individual freedom. It is justified to retaliate against dictatorship or a law that restricts their ability to choose, but protesting against a law that aims to protect civilians seems counterproductive. This behavior stems from the way the government and police officers handle public protection measures against the virus.