Transform Misery Into Happiness: What You Can Do Today!

A smile designates an outward display of emotion. Without realizing, our faces display thousands of reactions, thoughts, and desires. A wide laugh or smile is commonly perceived as a sign of joy, but this isn’t always the case. Most of us struggle to put on a brave face. There are many reasons why genuine feelings of joy seem unattainable. However, the truth is, we are mostly responsible for living in limbo with sadness, hostility, anger, and regret. Fortunately, there are ways we can reformat the negative patterns and perceptions that lead to misery. 

Learn to Be Objective

We generally lack perspective with stressful situations, intentions, expectations, and even outcomes. Happiness is conditional upon these factors in many cases. When home life is financially unstable, negative memories tend to accumulate and the prediction of new endeavors is pessimistic. Alternatively, befriending someone untrustworthy may generate chronic resentment. More commonly, some feel trapped in a marriage with a judgmental partner that is terrible with communication and behaves obnoxiously.

In order to improve our emotional reactions, it is necessary to make a list of situations and character traits that make us miserable. 

The truth of the matter is that we have no power to control those external factors. We have to be objective to understand that others cannot force us into dissatisfaction. We do that all on our own. If we manage our reactions by shifting our perspective, there’s a chance to be truly content.

Modify Unreasonable Expectations

When it comes to expectations, there are a multitude of reasons why disappointment perpetuates into unhappiness. If you expect your partner to eliminate all time on social media due to feelings of jealousy or lack of intimacy, this is unrealistic. You cannot restrict the free will of others or force them to behave according to your rules. Quite often, this means trust will be violated by even the smallest or infrequent interactions with others. By being unreasonable, you're laying the foundation for negativity. 

We can learn to reduce unhappiness by simply being aware that we stand in our own way. Rather than being the subject or the means to an end, we c