When Trauma Strikes: The Secrets Our Brain Hides Behind

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Find New Ways to Overcome the Worst Parts of Your Life!

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Trauma intimately engages with us all. The ground moves beneath an already unsteady rationale, encumbered by circumstances that cannot be altered, for this is set in stone with the past. The only thing that we can modify is our reactions, future choices, and methods of adaptation. Some may be disrupted by a small life adjustment due to the presence of chronic stress, while others may be taken down by major stressors. Despite the differences between our situations, coping mechanisms, and environmental circumstances, we are all affected. Those occurrences are emotionally categorized as traumatic, thereby altering subsequent responses. As a result of previous unfortunate outcomes, the emotional system reacts by creating a mirage of fear and doubt when faced with next level challenges.

We are then left to chisel away at the protective layer that surrounds the truth. It is much easier to admit never being broken, hurt, or forever changed, so much so, that secrets become surrounded by denial. The barriers created are so much like layers of concrete that they only can be accessed with a jackhammer. So, how can we disengage protective mental mechanisms and learn to replace them with appropriate coping skills?

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